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Environmenal legislations

EU's new chemicals legislation, REACH, affects companies that manufacture products containing chemicals, which means almost all companies. Plastic products with softeners, electronics with flame retardants, textile products with anti-mould treatment or sheet metal parts with treated surfaces may contain chemicals that are regulated by REACH legislation.


REACH gives companies good conditions for reducing chemical risks to health and the environment. Contrary to previous requirements, REACH places requirements on manufacturers or importers of goods. Also new, is that some chemicals will require a permit in order to be used. Increased knowledge would allow you better opportunities to choose less dangerous substances when you choose chemical products.

Electronic waste constitutes one of the biggest waste flows of end-of-life goods. Many of the substances that are now being phased out via the Stockholm convention are chemicals that are found, for example, in electronics, clothes and furniture. RoHS and WEEE are directives for electronic products.

We offer general support and courses in REACH, RoHs and WEEE legislation with practical focus on goods.

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