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LCA -  Life Cycle Assessment

LCA is a process for analysing the environmental impact of a product across its full life cycle; from extraction of the raw materials (the cradle) to the treatment of waste (the grave). Depending on the purpose of the analysis, it can be carried out in different ways. We think that the life cycle assessment fits best when you seek knowledge with an open mind on how the product, the process, the project or the company impacts the environment.

Environmental improvement of the product or service

A life cycle assessment helps focus the developmental work in the area where the largest environmental improvements can be achieved. You can come a long way, even with a simplified assessment at a reasonable cost

Environmental communication

What do you say to a customer who asks about the product's environmental performance? A life cycle assessment provides information for a good customer dialogue. Environmental declarations based on a life cycle assessment report quantitative environmental information in an objective and reliable way.

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