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Energy mapping

Energy efficiency is becoming an increasingly important issue. Two large changes, energy costs and the greenhouse effect, are driving this interest. For companies, it is becoming increasingly important to reduce energy costs. It could also be important to switch to non-fossil fuel energy with very low greenhouse gas emissions.

Three points for energy efficient activities


1) Energy mapping
Examine the activities and map energy consumption. Energy cannot be destroyed (Einstein). The same amount flows into and out of the company.
- How much energy does the company purchase?
- How is the energy consumption distributed across the company?
- How does energy disappear from the company?
Our experiences show that all companies can generally save 10% of their energy consumption by taking simple measures with very small investments. With reasonable investments, as much as 50% of the energy can sometimes be saved.

2) Energy plan
Make a plan for reducing energy. In the plan, note different activities that need to be examined, when they need to be implemented, who is responsible, etc. This often means that new equipment needs to be bought. Life cycle cost, LCC, is an important tool for making good decisions. Sometimes activities simply mean that operations are optimised in different ways. Maybe changed logistics, process optimisation, etc. can give significant energy savings.

3) Energy management
One mainstay is to create a commitment to reducing energy consumption within the company. Everyone can help to achieve a good result. Management support is vital. If you want, you can collect the procedures created for energy efficiency into an energy management system. You can also link them to other systems such as the quality or environmental management systems. Purchasing procedures are often an important area for saving energy.

We offer a number of support programmes for carrying out the three steps above.





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