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Ecodesign is needed for competitiveness in a sustainable society! Customers, as well as society, are placing ever increasing demands on products to be environmentally friendly. Eco-design/environmentally friendly product development is therefore increasingly important for most companies.

Designing products that give maximum use with minimal environmental impact is central to Eco-design. A good knowledge of the product's environmental impact in a life-cycle perspective (raw materials, manufacture, use, waste management and transport), as well as of how to work with product development is necessary in order to do this. The focus is on making sure that the product will do its job, provide its benefit in the best way.


Correctly implemented, ecodesign means that products are cheaper to manufacture, since they require fewer materials and less energy. It also means that products are more attractive to customers.

Support offered:

  • Analyse a product, for example using LCA
  • Generate ideas and design products that are better from an environmental viewpoint
  • Create guidelines for eco-design
  • Create the basis for marketing good environmental solutions
  • Increased knowledge of legislation in the area
  • Produce environmental declarations
  • Hold training sessions, especially company specific, in ecodesign
  • Learn more and collect important contacts through European networks

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