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Environmental Managment System

An environmental management system is good for the environment and good for the company, if you set it up correctly. The key is product orientation, in other words, directing environmental management work towards the company's products and services and doing so in a business-like manner.

The EU has a number of initiatives to try and encourage companies to introduce environmental management into their organisations


Studies carried out by environmental experts on companies with certified environmental management systems show that most companies were somewhat disappointed with what the environmental management system had contributed environmentally, but also thought that their position in the market had improved due to the environmental management system.

How do you create product orientation from environmental work?

A good start is to carry out a quantative environmental review. Focus is then placed on the flow of resources and products through the company right from the start. The review can then easily be turned into a product life cycle assessment for any strategically selected product. The result of the life cycle assessment often provides suggestions for improvements. These should be discussed with the company's customers so that you ensure that there is a market for the environmentally improved products.

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