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Corporate Social Responsibility

Increasing numbers of companies and organisations consider it important to act in a social and environmentally responsible manner. This is on the way of becoming an important component for success. Today, many large companies in Europe already have an advanced CSR programme. We can help smaller companies that want to adopt CSR.

The different company stake holders will place higher demands on commitment in the future concerning both people and the environment. However, it is not just about demands, it is also about opportunities.


 A company that actively works within the different areas of CSR benefits in several ways: it contributes positively to marketing, strengthens the brand, makes it easier to attract and maintain tomorrow's workforce and easier to maintain customers and find new ones. It is advantageous to work in a society with a good economy, healthy people, a functioning infrastructure and good service, which is what a good CSR programme contributes to.

CSR is basically the same thing as sustainable development. Sustainable development is usually said to rest on three legs; economic, ecological and social sustainability. There are many aspects that fit within CSR. We can help you to sort among these and select which you want to prioritise. This could be working conditions, in your own or third-party factories abroad, environmental issues, working environment and equality in the company's facilities, human rights for the local population, collaboration with the local population, to simply name a few areas.

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