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Danube PIE

Project objectives

DanubePIE supports SMEs through ecodesign related, technical services to

a) optimize their products in order to make them more resource efficient and/or

b) to develop new, innovative products, which are well designed from ecological view.

The traditional sectors packaging and printing – packaging manufacturers as well as package end- users like food, cosmetics, electronic etc item producers– are the target group and main beneficiaries of the project activities.

Activities and benefits for SMEs

Services to SMEs will be offered in close cooperation with product designers. The project pursues a cross-cluster approach between clusters from creative industry (product design, industrial design) and industry from different sectors in form of round tables for creative idea generation.

SMEs can benefit from

  • direct exchange and cooperation with product and industrial designers as well as other technical experts in resource ecodesign and efficient technologies
  • company visits with individual, hands on and tailor made technical support and product analysis on the basis of ecodesign
  • in-house trainings and workshops for SME associations in applicable ecodesign related topics
  • round tables for SMEs with appropriate experts, in order to create new, innovative product concepts
  • support for eco innovative and participating SMEs in external communication of their ecodesigned products

Geographic target area

DanubePIE is dedicated to the Danube Region and supports the EU Strategy to create synergies in the field of environment and economic growth in this geographic area. Six countries of the Danube region are directly involved in the project:

  • Steinbeis- Europa- Zentrum (Stuttgart, Germany)
  • Hungarian Investment and Trade Agency (Budapest, Hungary)
  • Technology Park Varaždin (Varaždin, Croatia)
  • University of Novi Sad (Novi Sad, Serbia)
  • Business Support Centre for SME (Ruse, Bulgaria)
  • Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Agriculture (Timisoara, Romania)

Project activities, results and best practices address the whole Danube region of fourteen members. Moreover, stakeholders will be able to participate in trainings and conferences, thus knowledge is spread throughout the Danube Region and will help out many more SME- Eco-design partnerships.

Who can participate?

SMEs, SME- associations, large companies with SME-suppliers of any industrial branch, who:

  • Pack up, manufacture or supply packaging
  • Print or laminate packaging, or produce these materials
  • Produce covers for inner life of e.g. electronic parts
  • Manufacture of one way usables
  • Develop or produce packaging machines
  • Manufacture any product and look for a more efficient – eco innovative packaging concept
  • Manufacture or develop innovative technologies or materials for packaging

How can you participate?

For activities in the partner regions, please contact the partners:

Steinbeis- Europa-Zentrum http://www.steinbeis-eropa.de
Maria Kourti Tel: +49 711 1234037 Email: kourti@steinbeis-europa.de

Hungarian Investment and Trade Agency http://www.hita.hu/
Sara Holly Tel: +361 8726 506 Email: sara.holly@hita.hu

Technology Park Varaždin http://www.tp-vz.hr/
Emilija Skocibusic Tel: +359 82 821 472 Email: emilija.skocibusic@tp-vz.hr

University of Novi Sad http://www.uns.ac.rs/en/
Mladen Radisic Tel: +381 64 144 70 48 Email: mladenr@uns.ac.rs

Business Support Centre for SME http://www.bsc.smebg.net/
Iliana Draganova Tel: +359 82 821 472 Email: iy@smebg.net

Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Agriculture http://www.cciat.ro/
Diana Fiti Tel: +40 256 219173 Email: Diana.Fiti@cciat.ro

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