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The EDECON project aims at improving the integration of eco design in the construction and building materials sector from the design and development phase through to the implementation phase. The project targets SMEs producing and manufacturing components used in construction and building material as well as in entire building projects from the architectonical phase and through to construction.

Through the lifetime of this project 1000 SMEs will be reached through awareness raising activities such as Eco-Design Conferences, trade fairs, webinars and awareness-raising workshops, which aim at intriguing SMEs into launching Eco-design initiatives in their businesses. The project will also produce a “How to Eco-Design your product”-guidebook that can be utilised throughout the project as well as after the completion of the action.

The project aims at providing training and Eco-Design services such as eco-design audits and in-house training for 826 SMEs of which 58 SMEs will go on to integrate the recommended Eco-Design actions either through their daily activities or through product development projects. The eco-design trainings and audits will be carried out in close cooperation with local environmental experts and The Centre for Sustainable Design (CfSD) located in the United Kingdom. It is expected that 15 % of the SMEs reached through the awareness raising activities will go on to receive in house training and that 7 % of the SMEs receiving in-house training will chose to implement the eco-design recommendations received.

Edecon - Sportlight on Eco-design from EISC Ltd on Vimeo.

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