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Laws and customer requirements related to the environment and chemicals increase. Many products are affected by the requirements in REACH and the Ecodesign directive. The ELEEN project aims to help small businesses meet these requirements and achieve competitive advantage.

ELEEN stands for Ecodesign and Legislation Services for Enterprise Europe Network, EEN, and is a EU-funded project run by the EEN offices in France, Greece, Latvia, Portugal and Sweden. The project provides a complimentary analysis of how small and medium businesses are affected by new environmental legislation and proposals for action. This may be followed by subsidized assistance in implementing actions and/or more in-depth analysis. The project expects to provide individualized service to more than 820 industrial companies until 2014. The Swedish research institute Swerea IVF acts as Ecodesign center of the ELEEN project.

I am interested, what do I do?

Small businesses that are interested, have a specific question, or just a general request for help, can contact the coordinator in respective country. This may lead to that an environmental expert will visit the company and discuss the specific problems or opportunities of the company. To aid, a checklist is used to map the design-related environmental work at the company and check compliance visavi the ecodesign directive, Reach and biocide regulations and RoHS and Weee legislation. Minor problems can be solved by the expert on the spot. So far everything is free of charge for the company. The first visit may be followed by larger assignments at favourable rates.
Another way of participating in the ELEEN project is to participate in a workshop. See the Workshops tab for your subject and location!


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