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Our project "Introducing SMEs to eco-design measures through EEN"- Imageen, targets packaging optimisation along the food and beverage manufacturing value chain. Our goal is to help SMEs advance their business performance towards attractive, safe packaging with improved environmental performance at reduced costs.


Packaging optimization plays and important role in food wastage minimisation and waste minimisation in general. Effective optimization must be approached integrally and systematically with consideration to the whole value chain. Negative environmental impacts of any product, including packaging are most effectively mitigated, if they are tackled in the stages of product design and development, through ecodesign. Besides reducing environmental impacts, simple tools developed to incorporate ecodesign in companies can contribute to cost savings and other economic benefits for SME manufacturers.
Project activities consist of introductory workshops, conferences, self-assessment tools and e-learning. These will be followed by more detailed eco-design services in the form of in-house trainings and audits and finalised with in-depth advanced advisory services offering step-by-step guidelines towards packaging optimisation.


SMEs operating within the food and beverage manufacturing value chain are invited to contact us and join us in our project activities offering practical information on packaging optimisation through ecodesign with emphasis on environmental and cost benefits.


The project partnership supports knowledge transfer on ecodesign and packaging optimisation from partner regions with more experience and good practice in Northern Italy and Bavaria, Germany to partners wishing to transfer and adapt this existing knowledge and know-how to the requirements of SMEs in regions with less experience in Bulgaria, Croatia, Serbia and Slovenia.


Project coordinator: Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Slovenia, Dimičeva 13, SI -1504 Ljubljana, http://www.gzs.si
Project partners: Unioncamere del Veneto, Italy; Plovdiv Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Bulgaria; Institute Mihajlo Pupin, Serbia; TERA Tehnopolis Ltd, Croatia; Bavarian Research Alliance, Germany.

Antonija Božič Cerar

Contact us:

Antonija Božič Cerar
Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Slovenia
Dimičeva 13.
SI-1504 Ljubljana,
tel. +386 1 58 98 196
email: antonija.cerar@gzs.si
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