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Eco-design for SME

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Legislations and customer's needs related to environment and chemicals will have a large impact on companies whose products will be affected by Eco-design directives.

Welcome to the common website for five European projects - all with the objective to support small and medium size manufacturers to comply with environmental legislation and at the same time increase their competitiveness.


I’m interested. What do I do?

If you have a specific question or if you just need general support please contact any of the project
contact persons in your country who will assign an environmental expert to contact you.

The expert makes a visit to assess the present situation in your company and will tell you how you will be affected by the new environmental legislations. Together you find out what needs to be done.


The Specific Action "To promote eco-design by SME manufacturers" is financed by EU Commission DG Enterprise and Industry through the Competitiveness and Innovation Programme (CIP). The work programme 2012 for the EIP (Entrepreneurship and Innovation Programme, one of the components of the CIP) includes the specific action "to promote eco-design by SME manufacturers" (ENT/CIP/12/D/N04S00) to be implemented via a restricted call for proposals to the partners in the Enterprise Europe Network


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